Pillion Automation

Pillion (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Pillion Automation

Pillion forms the Automation division in 1998 to assist client modify or upgrade clients’ existing equipments to meet today industry technology needs. Hence clients do not need to spend huge budget to purchase the new equipment to meet the production and technology requirements.

Pillion was lucky with good start. First we obtain OEM equipment official training and skill transfer; from there we develop our own technical “knowhow”. Pillion team takes humble steps to go thru years of learning curve and come to Automation establishment.

Most important, we can further enhance the equipment flexibility with modification which other company hardly can compete.

Today, our automation team with 14 years of experience with established our Automation Plant in Prai. With highly trained engineer to handle clients’ job requirement, we believe we can deliver even better than any other competitors.

Pillion expertise will be on Assembly Equipments like Vacuum Sealer for packaging, Wafer Die Mounting Machine, Pick & Place module for Die Attach Machine and etc.

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