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Malaysia economy start blossom on 1990, Pillion established his humble first foot step on Penang Malaysia.

Malaysia Government put in great afford to transform country from the Labor Base to Technology Base, strong promotion to encourage foreign investor to transfer skill and technology into Malaysia. Pillion observes most factories in demand of high technology equipment and machinery. But most of the equipment and machinery are imported from oversea.

With the idea, Pillion participation as one of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spares distribution in Malaysia. Pillion very soon riding on the technology wave and welcome by the MNC for supply OEM equipment’s and spare in Malaysia.

With successful business for couple of years, Pillion took further initiative with direct to other oversea countries to bring in series of equipment’s distributorship and establish business association. With obtained equipment and spare distributorship further strengthen it company product line.

With advantages of OEM distributor, Pillion pick up first hand technical knowledge and equipment services knowhow. From the initial we supply the equipment and spare, it gradually extends to equipment’s servicing.

With strong root and relationship with the OEM, Pillion extends it sourcing hub on different geography location inclusive Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia & China.

On 2008, Pillion integrates it sourcing office and form the International Sourcing Hub. Sourcing area expends to US and Europe countries; Europe countries inclusive of German, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

Pillion believes mutual benefits can be achieved thru long term relationship with OEM and business association. Pillion’s client can take the full advantages by enjoy the benefit and Pillion International Sourcing Hub to get the spare and services, but with Total Supply Chain Solution as well.

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