Vac-air Vacuum Sealer (IMPV Series)

Vac-Air Nozzle Type Vacuum packaging Machines make you to package efficiently and effectively your delicate electrical/ electronic goods, foods, medical, clothes and other products to protect them from oxidation, moisture, external shock, static electricity, etc.

Vac-Air are Clean Room Compatible and work with all popular vacuum bag materials and use a low noise, non particle-generating compressed air driven Ejector Vacuum Pump which makes your work very speedy and is maintenance free.

Vac-Air have been developing various types of Nozzle Type Vacuum packaging Machines having unique and powerful functions suitable for each of different work places. Therefore, is sure that VAC-AIR have best competitive qualities to meet your product line’s needs among vacuu packaging machinery.

Vac-Air buyers can get a easy but comprehensive solution for vacuum packaging and sealing for very reasonable price.

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